Christian Counseling
COUN 506 Weeks #1 & #2
Dr. Campbell provides an introduction to Coun. 506: The Integration of Psychology and Theology

Dr. Campbell gives a quick overview of integrated Christian Counseling and introduces Christian Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CCBT) and his video entitled: "Take Captive Every Thought."

Dr. Campbell introduces the powerpoint presentation that described Christian Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CCBT).

This is a PowerPoint presentation that illustrates Christian Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CCBT). It is produced and narrated by Dr. Brian Campbell.

In this video, Dr. Campbell describes his world view as Christian Counselor.

Dr. Campbell introduces a therapeutic tool entitled, "Parental Patterns" which is used to identify toxic beliefs parents teach children.

Dr. Campbell provides clinical insights into the major personality disorders.

Dr. Campbell discusses Schizotypal Personality Disorder.

In this video, Dr. Campbell talks about his upbringing and about his "born again" experience. He utilizes his experience to help students see how to integrate psychology and theology in a counseling practice.

Dr. Campbell highlights the process of Christian Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy with special attention to the process of "cognitive refutations."

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