Christian Counseling
Coun. 506 Weeks #3 & #4
In this video, Dr. Campbell talks about his upbringing and about his "born again" experience. He utilizes his experience to help students see how to integrate psychology and theology in a counseling practice.

Dr. Campbell highlights the process of Christian Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy with special attention to the process of "cognitive refutations."

Dr. Campbell talks about the process of asking questions to break up irrational beliefs.

Dr. Campbell discusses the top of thinking and shows the importance of correcting irrational thinking in order to bring about mental health.

Dr. Campbell discusses how to correct irrational thinking about ourselves.

Dr. Campbell shares insights into the topic of "suffering" from a Christian perspective.

Dr. Campbell reads from his book entitled: "The Mentally Healthy Christian." He discusses the concept of "truth" in relationship to Christian counseling.

Dr. Campbell reads a chapter from his book, entitled: "Christlike: Walking the Walk." (Available on

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