About Dr. Campbell

Dr. Campbell

Brian Clarie

Married: 42 years

Wife: Claire

Children: 3

Grandchildren: 8


B.A. Grove City College

Ph.D. University of St. Andrews, Scotland

Predoctoral Clinical Internship: Veterans Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA

Predoctoral Clincial Internship: Pittsburgh Child Guidance Center

Postdoctoral Fellowship: Rhode Island Hospital, (Brown Un.) Center for Reproductive Medicine and Child Neurology

Professor of Clinical Psychology, Nova University, 1980-1990


American Association of Christian Counselors, Charter Member


  • 13 professional publications

  • Pearls: Scriptures to live by

  • Overcoming Anxiety (audio tape)

  • Overcoming Depression (audio tape)


I believe that the Bible contains all the information necessary to live a mentally healthy life. Unfortunately, the world has taught us many unhealthy "lies" about ourselves and about others. These lies are largely responsible for what we call "mental illness."

With God’s help, I encourage individuals to identify their faulty beliefs and replace them with biblical truths. Ultimately, I believe that the "truth will set you free."

Many psychological problems have an underlying biological basis. In the case of serious psychological disorders, I am not opposed to the use of medication. I make referrals to medical specialists when appropriate.

I attend Northland Community Church, a nondenominational Christian church located in Longwood, Florida. I am a "born again" Christian who seeks God’s will in all that I do.

I would consider it a blessing to serve you in any way that I can.